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Underpantsless in Heaven

This article, including a lovely introduction from Candace Craw-Goldman was first published on

Every so often I get a client whose past life persona comes in so strongly that a large part of the session feels like I am just having a lovely chat, getting to know someone new. I love it when this happens as they speak with a different accent, use words and expressions partial to certain areas and eras, and express all the wonderful colorful nuances of their (past life) personality. So it was with a recent client. Client found himself a caucasian male, on the east coast of the US, pre-WWII, living a life as John, married to Jennifer, working as an executive assistant at a paper mill. John was born in Virginia and moved to Connecticut to build a life with his wife, who was 'a Northerner'. We find out he ends up getting drafted into the army and sent overseas to fight as part of the D-Day invasion. As we're exploring his life I noticed the facial expression of my client change: tension was held in different places in the face, and there was a change in accent and expressions. Because John shared his life with me in such detail, I decided to explore as much as I could and was interested in finding out his views on some things. I discovered that he held some rather outdated beliefs on having either women or African-Americans be part of his platoon; that it would be 'too distracting'. John died in the ruins of a house on D-day. His hips were hit by grenade shrapnel and he was shot. When I moved him through the death experience there was a lot of cussing when he got to the other side of it: "Goddammit those bastards got me!" etc. It made him feel a little better when I told him that the Germans were defeated. He was saddened that he wouldn't get to see his new baby: Jennifer was pregnant when he left for the army so I told him that he could go over and visit them, now he was out of the body. He was able to do so and it was a very touching moment to see him experience this. John then floated upward and found himself in a beautiful room of light. There was a cloaked figure present and whenever he tried to look at it, it would move out of sight. I told him he could communicate with it even though he wasn't able to see it, and we found out the cloaked figure was a greeter, welcoming people that had just died. After a little while I heard John exclaim: "Aaaaahhh! She is BEE-YOOO-TIFUL!! - she just took her cloak off - her name is Leila and she is beautiful!" John describes her beauty and that he understands why she is cloaked as it would be too much for people who had just died, especially in the way he did. He admits that he feels like he is cheating on his wife just by looking at her and then cracks me up by saying "Leila, you should be in show-business!!" Such a character, right? John finds out that he can now do whatever he wants to: go to rest, do angel-training, or do another life. Leila takes him flying to their next stop and as I ask him about how this flying works - does she hold him by the hand? - he notices his body and cheerfully says that his body is all healed now, and that he's wearing some soft delicate robe-like garb. In the middle of describing the garment, he suddenly tells me with a shocked-sounding voice : "I don't think I'm wearing any underwear!" I tell him "Go check John, are you wearing any underwear?" A short silence follows where he appears to take a closer look, then - again in shock - says "I'm not wearing any underwear!" I laugh and say "How about that John, you're underpants-less in Heaven!". There was much more to this session, but I wanted to share this funny bit. I very much enjoyed being able to have this bit of banter with a past-life persona, I had not experienced this before. Jeroen de Wit

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