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Meanwhile, back in Rivendel...

Client came off the cloud describing herself in a female human body, somewhat luminous, wearing nondescript clothing. She carried a bag containing a glass box with metal wiring, containing crystals with light in them. She was looking at a landscape with mountains in the distance that have a pink or purple hue to them. We find out later she just came back from the human Earth realm, where she had responded to a 'call' from a little boy who was in distress, being abused by his father. She had placed the crystals around him to lift his energy and help him sleep. She describes the realm she is in as a beautiful world where nature is more alive, more colorful. The mountains are described as being cities, and the different hues of pink and purple are what the energy looks like from the beings that are on it. She lives on one of these mountains in a small house with her mom and dad. Right outside of the house is a source of water, and she said the water is Living Water, coming straight from the Earth. Holidays are marking things taking place in nature and everyone has a tangible innate connection, appreciation and love for nature. People communicate either by using their voice or by means of telepathy and many of the people of this realm travel to other realms to assist or to be mischievous. She herself - she tried sounding her name but it wasn't possible in a human language, but 'Sasha' approximated her name - would only travel to different realms to help others, particularly children. Others like her would travel and misplace people's belongings, then watch their energy change when they get mad. When I heard this I started wondering if she was in the realm that humans call the faerie realm and asked her about it. She said yes. She explained that when people see them by surprise and their mind has no time to conjure up fear, they are perceived as angels, but they don't have wings, and If people's fear got the better of them they would be perceived as a bit more monstrous, a reflection of people's fear. There are other kinds of beings in her realm, having a different appearance. Dragons are one of them. People in her realm travel by using portals. They learn how to do this as kids and adjust their vibration to the realm they are going into. When traveling to the human realm it means lowering their vibration. I asked about accounts on Earth about green children emerging from a cave in Spain, and she replied they could've come from her realm. Once you know of a place, you can travel there. Sometimes people get lost traveling, if they end up in places they don't know, or if accidents happen. Nuclear detonations on Earth influence other worlds energetically, and if one were to be mid-travel using the portals, things could get scrambled and people could end up in places they didn't intend to go. There are some realms you do not want to go, she said. If they were to experience fear upon arriving in a realm, it would be hard for them to retrace their steps and get back home. Decisions involving the community are made by the Elders. There is hardly any crime, but if it so happens that one being intentionally harms another, they are sent away from the realm, to continue their learning somewhere else. The Elders would do something to this being's energy so they couldn't return to the Faerie realm. It needs to be a communal effort because every being in the realm has their own magic, and only by working together could the Elders override the one being's magic. She explained that sometimes there would be wars and this made me think of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so I asked her if she was aware of these stories on Earth, and if they were a good representation of her realm. She answered yes, that story tellers of her realm connected with writers in our realm to tell their stories. The Faerie realm is waiting for the human realm to be ready for both to work together again, like it was in the past. Our heroine Sasha is supposed to marry a man her parents picked out for her, as arranged marriages are commonplace. She does not like this and has her eye on another man who she's met in passing, and with whom she's had a telepathic exchange. We find out this love interest of her and she are not to be an item as we find her walking down the street with her husband, realizing that she is not content in her marriage, in the next important scene. Divorce does happen, and involves council with the Elders who will decide what's fair. One can leave the marriage even if there is a sentiment/ruling with the Elders that it is not 'fair' though. In the next scene we find her in a back room of their house, where she is preparing herself to leave the realm: she has decided to go to Earth to help children. She had gone in front of the Elders to inform them about the decision, and they had started the process of changing her energy in order to prep her for the Earth. She had told her best friend Sienna of this decision, but hadn't told her love interest of this. When one decides to go to Earth and take on human form, one has to go through the birth process, and she'd have to go the distance of living out her life as a human. Afterwards, she'd return to the realm and she would be able to be with her love interest, Xylon. In her human life, client is a kind, gentle spirited young woman, who fosters children with disabilities at her house, and she's opening her practice as a healer, using crystals. She's aware of being connected to another realm and feels the guidance of two beings, who were confirmed as being Xylon and her friend Sienna. Just yesterday I had a different client who described a beautiful "Faery tale-like realm", with pink mountains and a Hobbit-like house that turned out to be a portal As a kid I used to look inside tree trunks and underneath mushrooms growing in the forest, to see if I could spot proof of any Faerie or gnome life. It was such an honor and so satisfying for me to be made witness to the account of this life in the Faery realm. Jeroen de Wit

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