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ONLINE - Life Purpose Activation

Have you been feeling like your life should have a purpose but as it is now it doesn't feel like it does?


I didn't know why I was here on the planet for a long time, and it was only after I had transformed unworthiness, codependency and love addiction that I realized what I was here for.

Living one's life purpose is about loving oneself, and defragmenting our attachment to understanding our worthiness through the eyes of the world we've been brought up in.


A Life Purpose activation session helps transform your beliefs about yourself and your life's path to allow for joy, faith and realization that all the experiences you've had have been part of your purpose. We'll map out your life and you'll see how all the pieces of the puzzle have been supporting you in learning what you're here to learn and how the challenges you've faced were all part of that.

You'll understand the trajectory you're on and how it is readying you to be of service as you: expressing Source as You. That nothing about you is a mistake and that you're here to infuse the world with what makes you different and unique.

Sessions are done using Zoom

Length: 2hrs

Cost: $250


Want to step into a purposeful, heart-centered authentic life?

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