Talking QHHT, Jeroen's journey of healing , life purpose and awakening with Julia Cannon and Tracie Mahan on 'The Metaphysical Hour'


Hello! Before I tell you about myself, I’d like to help you pronounce my strange-looking name, which is actually very common in the Netherlands where I’m originally from... 




I’ve been in Los Angeles for quite a few years now and I love it here! I feel very grateful and ecstatic to be doing this transformational healing work with others. And when I’m not working, I love spending time in nature, especially with my feline hiking partner, Kitty. Art, photography, travel and dance have their own special creative places in my heart and in my life. 

I adore my amazing community of friends here and I’m happily married to a loving beautiful man. Of course there is always more inner growth up ahead, but for the most part, my dream life has arrived. My mission is to empower as many people as possible (myself included) to live authentically and become more of their true selves. I do this through facilitating and teaching energy medicine. 

My Story

As a child, I retained an awareness of the more subtle layers of existence that we know so well before we incarnate into this physical reality. In my mid-20s, a profound experience compelled me to explore these subtle dimensions in more depth. It was then that I began to truly embody and make use of these energies to heal myself and others. 

Since that time, I’ve trained, studied and practiced many powerful and inspiring modalities, including Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. QHHT can be quite magical in catalyzing healing within both the physical and non-physical dimensions of our being. It reconnects us to our Source, where answers and healing energy are accessed.

Back in 2006, I had the honor of training directly with Dolores Cannon, the founder of QHHT and author of a number of fascinating metaphysical books. (She has since passed on into non-physical reality.) Many years and 1000+ sessions later, I’m still learning new things and witnessing miracles each week. 

I also teach QHHT Level 1 companion classes, meditation and group past-life regression events, which are always fun and fascinating.

Key Steps Along My Path

  • In 1997 I was introduced to a healing meditation technique developed by the gifted psychic Rheva LaRue which laid the foundation for me to navigate and understand our energy anatomy.

  • My continued exploration of consciousness led me to study dance and Bio Energetics. 

  • I was guided to explore Kriya Yoga, Sat Nam Rasayan, Barbara Brennan's body of work in energy medicine, Vianna Stibal's beautiful healing technique, and shamanism at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

  • I am certified in Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field energy) Balancing Technique, and Quantum Touch healing.

  • I am certified Level 3 in QHHT from the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy.

  • I hold a B.A. in Art Therapy and an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. I have over 5,200 hrs of combined experience studying energy healing and therapeutic techniques, and working with individual clients and groups.

Let's connect on social media for mutual inspiration. You'll find me as JeroenIsLove :)

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Quantum Healing can help you...





Group past life regressions are happening several times a month at different venues in Los Angeles.

These exciting group workshops are a lighthearted way to experience a glimpse of QHHT.



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By Dolores Cannon

AND her Practitioners!

Learn QHHT and find local practitioners
Messages and healing from 5D


Julia Cannon explores QHHT




@JeroenIsLove the amazing quantum past life regression therapist

~ Suzy Batiz, CEO Poo-Pourri

My experience with Jeroen has been simply astounding.  I did not know what to expect when I signed up for my past-life regression, but it turned out to be incredibly powerful.  I am still trying to digest the numerous insights I have gained as a result of my session.  I can now see very clearly the patterns in my life that have been repeating for a long time.  I highly, highly recommend Jeroen...he is a gifted medium and healer.

Since my healing session with Jeroen I have newfound CLARITY on why I am who I am. What the next steps I can choose to take regarding my spiritual development, support for myself and family. It's as if my body and Essence is speaking clearly to me. It's always spoken to me but it's different now. These things I'm sharing with you aren't even close to the number of Awakenings I've had! I am forever grateful.

~ Rometris Wright, Intuitive, Oslo

~ KC Hildreth, business coach, Los Angeles





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Sessions are booked Wednesday through Sunday daily at 1pm. Sessions take 4-5 hrs. Please call or access my scheduler to book your session

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